Fire Risk Assessments and Fire Safety for businesses

The regulatory reform (Fire Safety) order 2005 states that all business that employ 5 or more people must have a documented fire risk assessment. – Fortunately we are here to help you out!

Our team of friendly expert assessors can supply you with a professional assessment of your fire risks that will stand up to any scrutiny, and will ensure that you are in total compliance of the law.

Our Fire Risk Assessors

All of our assessors are qualified ex fire service officers, with decades of fire safety experience under their belts, so you can be sure that you and your employees will all be in safe hands.

The fire Safety Inspection of your premises

  • You will be visited by one of our friendly assessors, who will not only carry out their assessment, but will also be more than happy to answer any Fire Safety related questions that you may have as well.
  • Your assessment will cover a wide range of fire safety issues, ranging from your management systems, to training, all the way through to any physical risks that may be present at your premises.
  • When the assessor has finished their assessment they will then explain their findings to you, and talk you through any areas of concern.

The Fire Risk Assessment

Within a few days of completion of your inspection you will receive a documented fire risk assessment for your records. This document will be straight to the point, with no ‘fluff’ or unnecessary technical jargon!

You will also receive a straight forward action plan, that clearly lays out exactly what needs to be done, and by when, which will help ensure that you keep on top of any remedial work that may need to be done.

How much do our assessments cost?

The pricing of our fire risk assessments normally starts from £300 + VAT for a smaller premises, however

there are discounts available should you wish for us to assess multiple premises.

What now?

Please contact us via the form below for friendly advice, information or to book your fire risk assessment.

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Further Information about Fire safety and approaches to safeguard yourself and property

Fire is a phenomena which seriously damages property and isn’t limited to any given country. It can be somewhat difficult to think that a large number of fires may possibly be averted, and deaths as a result of fire can be stopped by being aware of those all important fire safety procedures. Protecting oneself from the danger of fire is a thing which everybody should take the time out to do, whether it is within your own home, or as an employer in charge of employees in your premises. Good planning and preparation are the fundamentals of fire safety, and it’s as simple as understanding what may go wrong, and putting systems in place to prevent it. Among the many crucial errors that people make is often that fire safety and evacuation plans are something you only need to have in a business situation. Having said that, when it comes to your own property it is imperative that you be aware of the risks of fire, and also the ways that you can escape. it is important to note that in comparison to non commercial fires, the amount of fatalities as a result of fires at work are significantly lower. Trying to keep yourself as well as others protected from fire is mainly common sense, and by taking proper care whilst cooking food or utilising naked flames, the danger can be significantly reduced.

Fire Extinguishers

Every building must have fire extinguishers fitted in order to be certain that fires can be put out quickly and effectively. Fire extinguishers are available in 4 principal variations (within the UK), these are, water, powder, AFFF along with co2, and each variation of extinguisher is able to tackle a different type of fire. It is said that for every 2 hundred meters squared space in any property there must be one or more available extinguisher, and that if the building is multi-level there must be 1 on each individual floor. In most cases fire extinguishers would probably be found next to the final exit doors that lead out of the building and also on the staircase landings, so that people pass them on their way out of the property, and can then choose whether to fight the fire or not. Fire extinguishers can be bought via lots of retailers, in both shops and online, and you can secure yourself a great price just by shopping around and comparing products. It is essential to ensure that your fire extinguishers are installed correctly by a competent person. Where the walls of your premises may be unsuitable for mounting extinguishers, there are also stands which can be used instead. Many people have been wounded in the past through the use of fire extinguishers on the wrong kinds of fire, as such, directors need to make sure their staff are trained in their use. Fire extinguishers should also only be employed if you are sure you can extinguish the fire without having to resort to returning for additional extinguishers.

Tackling fire with fire blankets

Another kind of fire protection product is the fire blanket, that is normally utilized for extinguishing chip pan fires, and it is produced from a unique coated fire resistant material. There are many different sizes and shapes of fire blanket available, and they are simple to use.

The importance of smoke detectors in your home

In the event of a fire each and every second counts, therefore it is also very vital that you have some form of smoke detection installed, particularly on the landings as well as next to the kitchen. However, smoke detectors should only be put in by competent people, and should be also maintained and inspected on a regular basis.

Hopefully this information has been of some use to you, and don’t forget, always keep safe!